Building Pd externals in XCode (part 1)

 //XCode Project Setup//  NB: This tutorial uses XCode 3.2

1. Start a new project in XCode

2. Select “BSD C Library”

3. Name your project (add a ~ to the end of the name if it is a signal object)

4. Under the Targets menu, select your target, then press cmnd+I (or right click, get info)

5. In the linking section, go to “Other Linker Flags” and change the field to

“ –undefined dynamic_lookup”

6. In the packaging section, change Executable Extension to “pd_darwin”

7. Delete the Executable Prefix “lib” and leave it blank

8. Close the target window

9. Right click on the Pd icon in your “applications” directory

10. Navigate to the “src” directory

11. Locate the file “m_pd.h” and drag-and-drop it to the “Source” folder icon in XCode

12. Create a new file in XCode by:

File… New File… C File…

13. Deselect  “untitled.h”

14. Make sure this file has the same name as your object (as in <objectname>.c)

15. Hit “Finish”

16. Program your external…


The rest of this tutorial is forthcoming.  For the time-being, I have found this tutorial extremely useful…


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