Colin Zyskowski


3968 32nd Street

San Diego, CA

United States





·       University of California San Diego                                                             2018

-PhD, Computer Music


·       The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI                                                2010

-M.A., Media Arts


·       The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI                                                2000

-B.A., English Literature


·       The University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy                        1995



Instructor, Electronic Music Production

University of California San Diego

March-June, 2018


·       Teach electronic music production to class of 32 undergraduate students.

·       Focusing on Ableton Live and Max/MSP, teach methods for musical synthesis, production, midi, editing, effects, and mastering.

·       Cover methods of both production and performance.

·       Design syllabus and do all student assessment.


Teaching Assistant, Electronic Music Production

University of California San Diego

Sept-Dec, 2017


·       Assist professor in teaching music production to class of undergraduate students.

·       Using Ableton Live and Max/MSP, teach methods for musical synthesis, production, midi, editing, effects, and mastering.

·       Teach entry-level studio and microphone techniques.

·       Often give lectures and demonstrations as well as grade assignments and final projects.


Instructor, Music Technology

COSMOS Summer Camp for Science and Mathematics

July – August, 2015, 2016, 2017


·       Taught courses in music technology to classes of 21 students.

·       Conducted lectures and demonstrations on software applications, embedded electronics, microcontrollers, and programming for audio.

·       Directed students towards finishing final projects based on hardware and software implementations of course material.


Graduate Student Supervisor,

EnVision Maker Studio

Jacobs School of Engineering, University of California San Diego

Sept, 2016 – June 2017


·       Graduate Student Coordinator for engineering and arts maker studio.

·       Managed all staff and volunteers, overseeing scheduling, projects, workshops, and educational outreach.

·       Provided daily support for faculty and teaching assistants who use the studio as a classroom.

·       Maintained equipment such as large-scale laser cutter, numerous 3D printers, vacuum former, convection ovens, and digital imaging microscopes, often performing repairs, upgrades, and updates.

·       Lead regular workshops on topics including soldering, programming, 3D design, laser cutting, and robotic design.


Teaching Assistant,

University of California San Diego

Sept, 2016 – December, 2016


·       Teaching assistant for Music 170 – Musical Acoustics.

·       Assist professor in instructing a class of 90 students, conducting demonstrations, grading projects and exams.

·       Conduct weekly office hours for group and individual instruction of students in need of extra assistance.


Teaching Assistant,

University of California San Diego

Sept, 2015 – June, 2016


·       Teaching assistant for Music 174 – Recording, Engineering, and Production.

·       Assist professor in teaching course on technology in music and facilitate the students’ recording projects as well as grade all assignments.

·       Occasionally conduct lectures and demonstrations for the class of twenty seven students.


Recording Engineer,

Studio A, UC San Diego

Sept, 2012 – June 2015


·       Graduate recording engineer.

·       Work with studio director to facilitate high-quality recordings of UCSD music graduate students as well as faculty and professional musicians from outside UCSD.

·       Organize and manage recordings from setup through post-production for large-scale projects involving state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.


Recording/Sound Engineer,

Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Detroit, MI

May, 2008 – June 2010


·       Ran live sound for international jazz artists such as Mike Stern, Victor Goines, Billy Harper, Eddie Henderson, Billy Cobham, James Carter, and Alan Holdsworth.

·       Recorded and archived live performances by local up-and-coming jazz groups for the “Discovery Series”, an educational program run by the Music Hall.



People Mover Productions LLC, Detroit, MI

Jan, 2005 – June 2010


·       Co-founder and CFO of independent record label.

·       Manager in charge of international distribution, overseeing sales to oversees markets and online sites such as Discogs and Beatport.

·       Producer with more than a dozen releases (vinyl and digital).


English/Music Teacher,

Benedictine High School, Detroit, MI

Jan, 2006 – June 2008


·       Taught junior and senior English classes and school-wide music appreciation and performance classes.

·       Concentrated on writing skills with an emphasis on college application essays. Also worked to broaden perspectives by offering a wide array of reading and writing assignments.

·       Formed and coached an after-school chess ciub.



·       A Networked Solution for Robotic Sound Source Localization, Dissertation in Computer Music, UCSD, 2018

·       An Analog Audio Sensor Board for Microcontrollers, AES, 142nd International Conference Proceedings, Berlin, Germany 2017

·       A Networked System for Interactive Robotic Musical Performance, Diffrazioni Multimedia Festival, Florence, Italy, November, 2016

·       An Audience-Responsive Robotic Performance Network, IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, San Diego, CA, March, 2017

·       A Robotics Platform for Musical Performance, Proceedings of the Southern California Robotics Symposium, San Diego, CA, February, 2016

·       Breath Engine: Questioning Difference Through the Use of NK Adaptive Systems, ICMC Proceedings, Athens, Greece, September, 2014

·       The Body Electric: How Current Practices in Media Arts Foreshadow Greater Interconnectedness Between Humans and Machines, Masters Thesis, Ann Arbor, MI, 2010




Dissertation Fellowship, University of California


·       Fellowship support towards the completion of my dissertation.


UCIRA Grant, University of California


·       Grant for research into prototyping of autonomous robots involved in “Locating Sonic Sources.


UCIRA Grant, University of California


·       Grant awarded towards completion of the “Breath Engine” project.



(Grant Opportunities/Collaborative Spaces),

The University of Michigan


·       Received award, along with a group of four mechanical engineering graduate students, to design and build a new electronic instrument with haptic force feedback and accompanying software interface.


Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant,

The University of Michigan


·       A research grant dedicated to the completion of my masters thesis performance.

·       This grant funded “The Body Electric,” a series of motorized surfaces controlled by the movements of audience members, as well as a camera for live video capture and projection tools for site-specific video projections.


Editor’s Choice, Maker Faire Detroit


·       Recognized by the editors of Make Magazine as a top exhibitor at the 2011 Maker Faire in Detroit for the display of my custom controllers and software.

·       Exhibit was featured in Make Magazine, Maker Faire Detroit issue.




Audio Applications for Embedded Systems-

·       Programming and design for microcontrollers such as Arduino, Teensy, Beaglebone Black, Raspberry Pi, Dragon Board, and STM32F Discovery Board, with special attention given to audio signal applications on ARM processors.

·       Practical applications of audio processing with microcontrollers, for example, multichannel audio systems, spatialization, robotic sound-source localization, and robotic musical performance.


Audio and Control System Circuit Design-

·       Work in Eagle CAD to develop custom circuitry for audio applications and robotic control systems.

·       Development of multiple “capes” for Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, and Arduino.

·       Design and construction of numerous analog and digital circuit boards for audio filters, amplifiers, preamplifiers, power distribution, audio DAC’s and ADC’s, motor drivers, and other control applications.


Custom Controller/Software Design-

·       Design and build custom controllers for musicians and video artists, including wearable controllers.

·       Work with artists and performers to manufacture hardware that is tailored to their specific needs.

·       Develop accompanying software interfaces to facilitate greater artistic expression by extending the capabilities of the human body through interaction with computers.

·       Design interfaces that focus on new and creative ways for artists to interface with machines, for example, through haptics, gestural control, various sensor arrays, and wireless networking.



·       Audio/DSP programming including externals for Max/MSP and Pure Data as well as VST plugins.

·       DSP programming for ARM microcontrollers.

·       Music applications for the iPhone, computer music programming using Max/MSP and Jitter, Arduino, Processing, and digital animation with Adobe After Effects.

·       Applications using Max/MSP/Jitter for audio sequencing, looping, editing, stretching, and rewire playback, as well as 3D OpenGL objects with audio input, and audio mixer and sequencer applications.

·       Experienced with C, C++, Java, Python, Processing, Arduino, Max/MSP/Jitter, Pure Data.


Film/Video Projects-

·       Produced the sound and soundtrack for the documentary A City to Yourself, by Detroit filmmaker Nicole McDonald, which has been shown in the following festivals, with the following awards:

Indie Memphis Film Festival (10/2009)

Vision-core Film Festival (Santa Monica, CA) (7/2009)                                                                                 Stencil-Nation book tour, Trumbullplex theatre (Detroit, MI) (6/2009) Rainier Independent Film Festival (Mt. Rainier, WA) (6/2009)                                                                          PBS screening, WSIU (Carbondale, IL) (6/2009)                                                                                                           Media City (Regional Program) (Windsor, ON) (5/2009)                                                                                       Humboldt Film Festival (Arcata, CA) (4/2009) Best Documentary                                                      

Ann Arbor Film Festival (3/2009) Best Michigan Filmmaker Award                                                  Washington DC Independent Shorts Festival (3/2009)                                                                                                                    Big Muddy Film Festival (Carbondale, IL) (2/2009) John Michaels Filmmaker Award for Social Activism                                                                                                                    

Detroit In Focus Film Festival (12/2008)

Also shown in national film tour as part of the Best of Ann Arbor Film Festival Traveling series (

·       In-depth knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Suite, including After Effects, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator, as well as a good deal of experience with Final Cut Pro.


Audio Production-

·       As an electronic music producer, released over fifteen records on nine labels from Detroit, New York, and London.

·       As a producer, collaborated with local and international DJ’s, producers, and live musicians to create a diverse and prolific library of electronic and acoustic music.

·       Held multiple DJ residencies in and around Detroit.  Performed live nationally and internationally in places such as Chicago, New York, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Barcelona, and Mexico City.

·       Live performer at several of Detroit’s largest festivals, such as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and the Dally in the Alley.


Live Performance Collaborations-

·       Merge: collaboration with Alvin Hill (DJ Munk), performed at both the Cranbrook Art Museum and the Detroit Institute of Art in intermedia events.

·       Anco Tozy: electronic duo, featuring Andy Toth, performed at the Detroit Institute of Art’s grand opening and at Detroit’s Dally in the Alley. 

·       Commonwealth: electronic ensemble featuring keyboardist Judy Adams, saxophonist Dan Haddad, and myself on laptop, performed at the Music Hall Center for Performing Arts, the 4731 Gallery in Detroit, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit.

·       Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble: performed in one of the first ever iPhone Orchestras in the U.S. as a graduate student at The University of Michigan.


Graphic Design

·       In-depth knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, with particular emphasis on Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator. 

·       3D digital animation with 3DS Max and Maya. 

·       3D design with Solid Works and Google Sketchup.


Selected Performances


·       Spanish Cultural Museum, Mexico City, Mexico, June 2006

-Solo live electronic music performance.

·       Movement (Detroit Electronic Music Festival), Detroit, MI, June, 2006

-Solo live electronic music performance.

·       Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, MI, February, 2007

-Performed for the Grand Opening Gala as part of the duo ANCO TOZY with co-founder Andy Toth.

·       Openlucht Thater Cabrio, Utrecht, The Netherlands, February, 2008

-Solo live electronic music performance.

·       Westelijk Handesterrein, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February, 2008

-Solo live electronic music performance.

·       Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI, January, 2009

-Live electronic multimedia performance as part of the duo MERGE, with Alvin Hill.

·       Detroit Film Theater, Detroit, MI, June, 2009

-Produced and performed in the event “Live in Time”, a showcase of performance art technology and inter-media. This was the opening gala for Movement 2009.

·       Dally in the Alley, Detroit, MI, September, 2009

-Live electronic performance as part of the duo ANCO TOZY

·       Keene Theater, Ann Arbor, MI, June, 2010

-Masters thesis performance involving live electronic music performance, interactive installation pieces, and projection mapping involving 18 separate projection surfaces.