Check It







Check It is a program that I built in Max/MSP that has many functions.  First, there is a three-oscillator synth with a programmable sequencer. Each oscillator has its own filter, and a delay is applied to the output signal.  Presets are available for all of the settings.

The next window is a drum machine-style sequencer that can trigger samples locally or from the looper window.  Each sample has its own parameters that can be set in this window.  The sequencer can be set to values based on groups of 4.  There are 16 programmable presets for this sequencer.

The looper window contains all of the components necessary to load/record/edit/stretch/loop sound files. While it has only 2 visual wave representations, there are six buffers into which files can be loaded. These files can then be triggered from either this window or the sequencer window.  This window can function in either the ‘time stretch’ or ‘original time domain’ parameters. The time stretching is done via FFT analysis.

The final window is the controller window.  From this window, the user has access to all of the important functions of the software. Each window’s main functions can be manipulated through the various sections in the control window, and a main control section, featuring DSP output is provided.