Mini-MPCZ Software - This is the three oscillator synth I made for the mini mpcz. It has separate filters for each oscillator, as well as delay and optional presets.

Fader 14 Software - This is the software I made for the fader 14. It's just a software interface for the hardware to whatever Rewire device it connects to.

CheckIt - This software has a wave editor, looper, drum machine/sequencer, and three oscillator synth/sequencer.

3D – This is software for manipulating 3D openGL objects. It allows the user to sync movements and aspects of the objects to incoming audio signals. Also allows for video playback on 3D surfaces. Images below are stills from video made with this software.

Custom VPT – This is a custom version of  HC Gilje‘s VPT ( This version has Rewire and routes audio signals to various video parameters allowing for sound-responsive visual displays.